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Private piano instructor in Boston MA area

An experienced classical piano instructor (20 plus years), Ms. Cohen teaches private lessons in her Boston area home piano studio or at your residence in Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Wayland, and Waltham. Students of all ages are welcome: both adults and children.

A former faculty member at the Dana Hall School of Music in Wellesley and teacher in the Weston schools’ after-school programs, Susan instructs private students in assorted musical styles.

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My goal is to promote progress, build confidence, and help each student to achieve success. — SBC
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“Susan, Under your guidance, Sophie-Anna has developed a love and appreciation for piano playing, which I believe will only strengthen as time goes by. For this I am truly indebted to you and sincerely  Thank You.” — M. P., Ireland

“Susan, We so appreciate the work you’ve done with Sawyer — he really enjoys piano and music and that it’s in no small part due to you and your teaching. We thank you and wish you a wonderful summer! ” — D.M., Weston

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Fall piano lessons

I welcome children and adult beginners. Join our dedicated group of students. Don't miss out!!! I still have a limited number of slots remaining. It's never too late start.

Adults and piano lessons

My adults bring a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their lessons, and perhaps a few fears. I do my best to create a positive environment and encourage a diverse selection of your favorite music.

Summer piano study!!!

For summer piano instruction, I offer a Summertime Flex-time piano lessons program that includes nine 45-minute session easily arranged around your vacation plans.

Music as a full-body experience

In Dalcroze Eurhythmics, music is a full-body experience. It helps the student to physically experience the rhythms and movements of music so that they are not just intellectually understood. Eurhythmics uses the body as an interpreter for musical rhythm.

Practice your way to success

All humans relate to routine, and practice can become just like doing homework, brushing your teeth, bedtime, and eating properly.

Music and learning

Learning a song, a musical instrument, or a dance step, offers your child an integration of body and mind that only music provides.

“Music” by Emerson

Let me go where’er I will, I hear a sky-born music still. It sounds from all things old, It sounds from all things young; From all that’s fair, from all that’s foul, Peals out a cheerful song.

Pianist: Béla Böszörményi–Nagy

I had the privilege to study as with Hungarian-born pianist who combined distinguished careers in both teaching and performing since his arrival in America. Born in 1912 in Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary, ...

New pianos for beginners?

At his piano lesson, the student is taught to listen carefully to his music and play with a beautiful sound. This is much of what makes it a rewarding and highly valued life experience.

SBC Piano Studio business reputation

Verified piano studio with high reputation and expertise in music study and performance. My Web stats verify me as a legitimate and reliable organization with Google, AVG, and Site Advisor. Please take a look at what current students say about my instruction and contact me with any questions.

Piano music uplifts the spirit

"Music study is a child's most important extra-curricular activity because it will help him in many areas of life. Piano training builds physical skills, develops mental focus, and uplifts the spirit at the same time ... "

Suzuki piano lessons

A student approaches the lessons and practice in a way that either fosters its success, or not. There are no shortcuts. You simply cannot compare a student who practices five minutes a day with another who practices an hour a day.

Teaching style

renoir piano study

Piano study is an ongoing process. My training includes courses in Dalcroze Eurhythmics, the Suzuki method, as well as various master classes and workshops. To learn more, click Biography.

In Dalcroze’s system, music is a full-body experience, and all rhythms and movements of music can be physically experienced, and not just intellectually understood. Eurhythmics uses the body as the interpreter of musical rhythm.

Muscles were made for movement, and rhythm is movement. It is impossible to conceive a rhythm without thinking of a body in motion.  –Emile Jacques-Dalcroze

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