Piano instructor Boston, MA

Piano performance and private time

I am an experienced classical piano instructor (20+ years) and teach adults and children of all ages. Lessons occur in my home studio (located near Boston, MA in Metro West) or at your home, depending on your location. All beginners are welcome! Click Biography to learn more.

A former faculty member of the Dana Hall School of Music in Wellesley, I now instruct students in varied musical styles where I try to promote progress, build confidence, and help you to achieve success. Click Contact.

“Here’s to a fabulous piano teacher with endless creativity and patience for all age levels! Thanks for doing such a great job with us on the piano!” K.K., Weston, MA

Music and learning

Dancing notes

Recent scientific research shows a distinct connection between music and learning. Learning a song, a musical instrument, or a dance step offers an integration of body and mind that only music provides, a multi-sensory process that enhances learning readiness for school subjects such as reading, writing, and math.

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Adult beginners are welcome!

relaxed pianoI teach piano to beginners of all ages: adults bring a great deal of enthusiasm to the lessons and perhaps a few fears. I do my best to create a positive environment and encourage a diverse selection of your preferred music.

Some of my adult students studied piano as a child; some have never taken a musical instrument at all. My oldest adult beginner was 82 years old, and soon gave yearly Christmas concerts of her favorite carols to her family. I recently enjoyed this quote by the brilliant cellist Yo Yo Ma:

“The reason for playing music is not to compare yourself to anyone but to bring forth what is inside of you.”

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SBC Piano Studio Web site: Top two of 31 best music Web sites

The following Web ratings site, YourWebSite.com, has designated SBC Piano Studio in its list of the best 31 music Web sites in varying categories.

Boston ma music studioFor more than 15 years I have written articles that I consider to be of interest to my students and their families. My SBC Piano Studio Web site seemed the perfect forum to share that information.

The site has gone through multiple iterations until reaching its current form. It’s very rewarding to feel appreciated and listed amongst these other sites. I have reviewed several of the links below, and consider them very fine.

Piano Lessons At Home – 31 best websites relevant to this topic …
“31 strong websites related to Piano Lessons At Home including Lessonrating.com, SbcPiano.com, Sherwoodmusic.org, Musiah.com, Bringyellow.com, you will …”

MacWorld highlights the PBS iPad app

symphony orchestra modern art

For music lovers who may not get to live concert performances as frequently as you like, MacWorld magazine reviews this PBS stations’s free PBS iPad app, a must-have addition to your current app collection! Have you ever missed an incredible concert broadcast in the PBS series “Live from Lincoln Center”? The musical talent highlighting world-renowned performers is a spectacle to see and now that you can remotely access any time, day or night, is a treat for us ex- or non- New Yorkers alike.

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When to start piano lessons?

piano lessons for young children

If you wonder whether your younger student is ready for piano study, please feel free to discuss this with me. I usually recommend starting lessons at the age of six, and teach both children and adults. Adult beginners are always welcome!

My students play on acoustic pianos and touch-sensitive electronic keyboards. What matters most is that you enjoy the music that you play, feel challenged, and make progress in attaining your personal goals.

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Free! Steinway Metronome app endorsement

Steinway Metronome app

With many iPad, iPhone, and iPod metronome apps on the market, my favorite remains the Steinway Metronome. While other apps have elaborate bells and whistles, the Steinway Metronome keeps things simple with an accurate count and a clear, easy-to-read display and a flashing light that lets you mute the sound if you prefer.

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