Flex-Time Summer Study

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Summer Flex-Time Piano includes nine 45-minute piano classes. An optimal time for music study, the slow pace of summer makes it easy to focus and progress, and helps you to avoid the inevitable slump that comes when re-starting in the Fall.

Teaching Styles

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I tailor my lessons to meet your distinct needs and personal goals, and encourage diversity in musical styles based on your assorted interests and skills. My studio consists of children and adults of all ages.

Suzuki’s Talent Education

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“People either become experts at doing the right thing, which is seen as a fine talent, or they become experts at doing something that is wrong and unacceptable, which is seen as lack of talent. Depending upon these two things — the amount and quality of the practice — superior ability can be produced in anyone.” — Suzuki

Pianist: Béla Böszörményi Nagy

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I had the privilege to study as with Hungarian-born pianist who combined distinguished careers in both teaching and performing since his arrival in America. Born in 1912 in Sátoraljaújhely, Hungary.

Adults & Piano

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My adults bring a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their lessons, and perhaps a few fears. I do my best to create a positive environment and encourage a diverse selection of your favorite music.