Piano music uplifts the spirit

First recital joy

“Music study is a child’s most important extra-curricular activity because it will help him in many areas of life. Piano training builds physical skills, develops mental focus, and uplifts the spirit at the same time; and no other activity integrates all three aspects of humanness.”

“There is nothing better than playing music to build wholesome, healthy human beings.”
Marvin Blickenstaff

New pianos for beginners?

piano new I recently read that as the founder of the Talent Education Movement, Suzuki did believe that a parent should always buy the best instrument that he can possibly afford, with the belief that a quality instrument impacts a student’s enjoyment of his musical study.

At his piano lesson, the student is taught to listen carefully to his music and play with a beautiful sound. This is much of what makes it a rewarding and highly valued life experience. If he goes home, and the instrument makes it difficult to achieve these goals, he can become frustrated and discouraged in his practice, and at future lessons.

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Ludwig piano humor ;-}

imageA guy goes to Vienna to pay his respects to the great composers. But when he gets to the graveyard, he hears a strange scratching sound coming from Beethoven’s tomb.Unable to restrain himself, he pries the lid off the tomb, and there sits the long-dead master, furiously crossing out musical notation from a piece of old music paper.

“What are you doing?” asks the guy in astonishment.

“What do you think I’m doing?” Beethoven retorts. “I’m decomposing!”

Finding your piano in MA

Finding the Best Deals

Making musicWhile cost does play a key factor for most people, experts say that you should always buy the best quality instrument that you can afford. Here are some good ways to find the best deals for a good quality instrument: buy from a private owner directly, or through a Web site; buy from a reputable used piano dealer; or buy from a known new piano dealer. An investment like this needs to be made with confidence. Feel free to contact me with your questions.


Buy from a private owner

Perhaps with the advent of the Web, parents have more options than they realize for finding economical yet higher quality used acoustic pianos and touch sensitive digital keyboards (such as, eBay, Craigslist, Want Ads or their equivalent, and so on). A local estate or moving sale can lead to an absolute gem. Or sometimes just putting up a sign in a workplace will produce someone interested in selling the piano that they have. One family bought a used baby grand piano for their home on the Cape and have been enjoying it quite a bit on their summer vacations.