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Private study for children and adults of all ages.

An instructor for the Town of Weston, MA and a former faculty member of the Dana Hall School of Music in Wellesley, I offer private piano study in Metro West Boston. My private studio is in Wayland, and I travel to specific locations in Wellesley, Weston, Sudbury, Wayland and Newton.


“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” — Victor Hugo

Classical Piano Instruction


piano keyboard

A teacher for the Town of Weston and a former faculty member at the Dana Hall School of Music in Wellesley MA. I offer private instruction in Wellesley, Wayland, Sudbury, Newton and Weston MA.


Classical Piano Instruction

piano keyboard

A teacher for the Town of Weston and a former faculty member at the Dana Hall School of Music, I offer private instruction in Wellesley, Wayland, Newton and Weston MA.


What people say?

“Here’s to a fabulous piano teacher with endless creativity and patience for all age levels! Thanks doing such a great job!”
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Benefits of Study

For most kids, music is a natural form of expression that can enrich their lives in unexpected ways.
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“Music is the best means we have of digesting time.”
  — W.H. Auden

Susan, We so appreciate the work you’ve done with Sawyer – he really enjoys piano and music and that it’s in no small part due to you and your teaching. We thank you and wish you a wonderful summer! D.M.

I just want to tell you how much I enjoy my lessons and your teaching style. I finally found a teacher who doesn’t freak me out! My inner child thanks you!  D.S.

Thanks so much for all your help with Nick and Annie. You’re a great teacher! L.R.

Possess a pure, kindly, and radiant heart is the hallmark of your countenance. I pray you will foster its growth and always be as beautiful as your are now.  J.M.

Susan Cohen has been the piano teacher for our two daughters for thirteen years. Taking lessons with Susan has been a wonderful experience for our girls, who both play very well. more …

Here’s to a fabulous piano teacher with endless creativity and patience for all age levels! Thanks for doing such a great job with us on the piano!  K.K.

To Mrs. Coin, From LJR; A note that accompanied a large, multicolored Harry Potter lollipop.

Susan, I love taking lessons with you. You make it fun, as well as challenging, and I wouldn’t continue with any teacher who didn’t make me feel great about what I was doing. T.C.

You are truly my favorite piano teacher. You’re so knowledgeable and have the patience of a saint! I look forward to more lessons. You rock!! M.L.

Three years later, I continue to look forward to our time together. I feel fortunate to have found such a patient and positive teacher. J.C.

Susan, Under your guidance, Sophie-Anna has developed a love and appreciation for piano playing, which I believe will only strengthen as time goes by. For this I am truly indebted to you and sincerely Thank You. 🙂 Warmest wishes, M.P.

Thank you so much for your patience, and for all of the time that you spent with both of our kids. I know that they have come away with a great appreciation for music.   S.R.

Thank you Susan. Kelsey is SO excited and is practicing every day. She really enjoyed her time with you and is so proud to have something to play. L.G.


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“Muscles were made for movement, and rhythm is movement. It is impossible to conceive a rhythm without thinking of a body in motion.” — Emile Jacques-Dalcroze” In Dalcroze Eurhythmics, music is a full-body experience. It helps the stu ...


Study Music?


Inspired by an article in Forbes, here are top reasons to encourage musical study. Some of the benefits may surprise you.


In spite of his teacher's advice, concert pianist Lang Lang didn't quit and is now considered the best in the world. ...




I tailor my lessons to meet your distinct needs and personal goals, and encourage diversity in musical styles based on your assorted interests and skills. My studio consists of children and adults of all ages. ...


Adults & Piano


My adults bring a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their lessons, and perhaps a few fears. I do my best to create a positive environment and encourage a diverse selection of your favorite music. ...


The child learns to feel the music, not just hear it with the ears, but sense it through the being. Aural sensations are realized through muscular sensations. ...


“Practice is the great Magician, who not only makes apparent impossibilities performable, but ever easy.”
  — Carl Czerny

Lifelong Benefits

  • Piano study is a gift that stands the test of time. For most kids, music is a natural form of expression. Many adults believe that piano study as a child positively influenced their future happiness and success.

  • Adults with a background in classical music can feel enriched by their musical past. They understand and appreciate music and enjoy playing and listening. Adults also begin piano as adult beginners, and excel!


Music was the key that helped Albert Einstein become one of the smartest men who has ever lived. Einstein himself said that he was so smart because he played the violin.


Chuck Todd (reporter) notes a connection between his years of practice and competition experience with what he calls the “drive for perfection.”


Microsoft entrepreneur, Paul Allen, believes that in both music and programming, “something is pushing you to look beyond what currently exists and express yourself in a new way.”


Mr. Wolfensohn (the World Bank), believes music is a ‘hidden language’ that enhances one’s ability to connect disparate or even contradictory ideas. Music helped him understand “the culture of people, as distinct from their balance sheet.”


“To learn to read, you need to have a good working memory, the ability to disambiguate speech sounds, make sound-to-meaning connections,” said Kraus (Northwestern). Each seems strengthened with playing a musical instrument.”

Spacial thinking

Canadian research supports the idea that music study may do more for kids than many realize. It exercises parts of the brain useful in mathematics, spatial intelligence and other intellectual pursuits.