The future of music study

study music

Encourage your student to play an instrument. It has been proven to help in brain synapse connections, learning discipline, work ethic and working within a team.

What People Say?

“Thank you so much for your patience, and for all of the time that you spent with both of our kids. I know that they have come away with a great appreciation.”

“Music” by Emerson

music poetry

Let me go where’er I will, I hear a sky-born music still.
It sounds from all things old, It sounds from all things young;
From all that’s fair, from all that’s foul, Peals out a cheerful song.

Adults & Piano

adult pianist

My adults bring a great deal of enthusiasm and dedication to their lessons, and perhaps a few fears. I do my best to create a positive environment and encourage a diverse selection of your favorite music.

Pianist: Béla Böszörményi Nagy

piano keyboard

I had the privilege to study with Hungarian-born pianist (1912), an artist who combined distinguished careers in both teaching and performing since his arrival in America. Winner of the Liszt Prize for three consecutive years.