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What people say?

From a young child experiencing his or her first piano lesson, to a retired professional seeking new experiences (or anyone in between), I’ve taught a wide array of students at different stages in their lives. Below is some written feedback that I have received in recent years.

A painter paints his picture on canvas. A musician paints his picture on silence.  —Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov

Parent comments

Your love of music, humor, gentle persuasion to practice and flexibility have kept her engaged and excited about piano for so many years (11).

Susan has taught my daughter piano for 11+ years. She is patient, kind, and has a great sense of humor. Susan teaches early learners to advanced students, and taught over Zoom during the pandemic. We highly recommend her!

Thank you so much for your patience, and for all of the time that you spent with both of our kids. I know that they have come a long way and have gained with a great appreciation for music.

She loves piano and has always asked to continue with you — a testament to your professional and friendly approach.

Under your guidance, Sophie-Anna has developed a love and appreciation for piano playing, which I believe will only strengthen as time goes by. For this I am truly indebted to you and sincerely Thank You. Warmest wishes.

wayland ma teacher

Taking lessons with Susan was a wonderful experience for our girls, who now both play very well. That she was able to keep our two kids, who are very different in age and personality, each engaged and interested in piano, is a testament to her strong teaching skills and flexible musical approach.

wayland ma teacher

Adult students comments

Susan became my piano teacher in 2018. I had never played piano or taken lessons in my 70+ years, yet Susan graciously and patiently has guided me through the process. With Susan's guidance, I am progressing AND enjoying every day of practicing. We continued our lessons on Zoom throughout the pandemic, and I'm looking forward to in-person lessons again.

Working with Susan has been a cooperative experience. What is most distinct in our time together is her humor, which, frankly, is what keeps me coming back! Each lesson is such a fun experience. I appreciate that playing the piano is both a mental as well as a physical challenge and this feels like a healthy activity for me.

Did I ever tell you how much playing the piano during this pandemic has meant to me? And learning from you makes it possible! And enjoyable! And educational!

I'm delighted to endorse Susan for piano lessons. She's patient, supportive, has a good sense of humor — and knows her piano!

what people say
As a retired professional, I honestly did not know how I would do in piano lessons or even what to expect. All my concerns have been allayed. Susan allows me to move at my own pace without any pressure. My enjoyment of listening to music has also been enhanced since taking lessons with Susan, and I am so amazed at how quickly I progress in such a short period of time!

I highly recommend Susan for piano study! She is patient, fun, knowledgeable and a very experienced teacher (30+ years). I so value her competence and easy-going manner, both of which have contributed to the degree of success and progress I’ve made under her instruction. I'm proud to say that after seven years with Susan, I am playing at a surprisingly high level and am happily planning on many more years of piano lessons with her. Thank you, Susan.