Adult piano study and success

In my experience, adults who study piano often achieve success!  I have taught adults at many ages and assorted levels. An adult beginner may be hesitant at first, but I witness quick and easy progress. They are often surprised at how far they go in such a short length of time. As with any new activity, with practice, piano playing can become quite satisfying. As a matter of fact, my adult students often ask me to participate in my regularly scheduled piano recitals: An opportunity to share their success with others. My oldest adult beginner (from Weston MA) started with me when she was 82 years old and studied through age 89. She enjoyed sharing her music each year in a Christmas recital for her family at home.
"I so value her competence and easy-going manner, both of which have contributed to the degree of success and progress I’ve made under her instruction. I'm proud to say that after seven years with Susan, I am playing at a surprisingly high level."
Adult intermediate who began piano study as a total beginner

"You allow me to move at my own pace without any pressure. My enjoyment of listening to music has also been enhanced since taking lessons with you, and I am so amazed at how quickly I progress in such a short period of time!"

Adult intermediate who returned to piano study after 5 decades

adults piano students and successs
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