adult classical pianist

Adults and Piano Lessons

adult classical pianistWhile some adults who sign up for piano instruction are complete beginners, others know a bit about the piano from childhood lessons. In my experience, everyone who commits to their study succeeds in meeting their goals regardless of where they start.

I’ve found adults, like children, feel a strong sense of pride in their progress. Some even choose to share that progress in our regularly scheduled recitals.

My oldest adult beginner started with me when she was 82 years old and she studied through age 89. She enjoyed sharing her music each year with a Christmas Recital for her family.

What One Adult Student Says

“As a retired professional, I’m a particularly intense person and always strive for my personal best. I honestly did not know how I would do or even what to expect. All my concerns have been allayed.

Working with Susan has been a cooperative experience — she allows me to move at my own pace without any pressure. My enjoyment of listening to music has also been enhanced since studying with Susan, and I am so amazed!

What is most distinct in our time together is her humor, which, frankly, is what keeps me coming back! Each lesson is such a fun experience and I’m amazed at the progress I make in such short periods of time. I appreciate that playing the piano is both a mental as well as a physical challenge and this feels like a healthy activity for me.”

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream. C.S. Lewis