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July 21, 2022

How to beat your rhythm problems?

Rhythm problems can be caused by many issues. Using Dalcroze Euryhthmics approach to music study can give you a quick resolution.

Sign-up is ongoing for Fall 2022 timeslots. Though unexpected shifts in your schedule may occur, you must signup to gain scheduling priority in the Fall. Just let me know what days and times you prefer.

Fall piano lessons are coming soon

Are you already a student?

As an ongoing student, your current piano lesson time and day is yours to keep, as long as you would like. But if you need to choose a new time or day, just let me know as soon as you can, so you can secure your preferred schedule. This way, a new student can know that the time is available.

Are you a new student?

Welcome to our upcoming piano session. I teach students in the greater Wayland, MA area and online lessons are still available. Please contact me to discuss your day and time preferences.


Walking can be a natural introduction to a child's understanding of rhythm. Also, pay attention to the beats of your heart and you will gain a sense of musical timing.
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