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At Home Piano Study

April 3, 2020
In this day and age, parents have assorted study options to fulfill their student's piano education goals. Some choose an experienced private piano instructor, either at a teacher's home studio or at their home. A local music school or national franchises (private organization) is also an option, as well as online lessons via Skype. 
For some, home study can be a stellar learning experience. I recently polled teachers from around this country (and a few around the world). In this post, I list some of the most frequent responses to why people value the home environment, which includes greater flexibility, comfort and support.


In contrast to a teacher at a music school or organization, a private teacher can simply tailor the teaching approach specifically to a student's needs. To combine a standard curriculum with customized supplemental resources (such as, Broadway tunes, activity books or iPad music theory games),  offers some students an optimal learning experience. At an institution, teachers can have fewer choices and more external pressures.


Rather than taking lessons in a small room at a music store or dealing with an ‘established’ music school (perhaps a non-credited teaching institution), the student is already in a quiet, familiar environment. A parent and student may enjoy a more comfortable connection with the teacher and share specific questions or concerns more freely. For example, why the student couldn't practice or a particular problem that they had.


More than ever, children have many after school and weekend activities, particularly sports. With at home piano study, time isn't wasted in traffic or in line with other families awaiting an overly scheduled teacher or communicating with a busy organization.
For a multi-child household, parents tend to prefer not to drag all the kids from place to place, from one activity to another. Everyone is in one place. Many parents find this to be quite helpful (saves time). Also, for multiple siblings, piano lessons can occur back-to-back in one block of time at one  location. After the lesson, the student can tend to homework or enjoy a play date.


A parent or siblings can observe the lessons (from afar). It's easy for the parent to know what the weekly goals are. For the sibling, they can better understand and appreciate the music study process before it’s their turn to start. For a parent who studies at home, the children can learn the value of and process involved with study. A piano lesson may then seem more like a valuable milestone in their growth, and not just something they have to do.
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