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Make piano study easy, with simple repetition, rewards

September 15, 2023
A young child's natural intuition and his ability to learn his native language is at the core of Suzuki's music learning approach (the Mother Tongue method). According to this method, each child is born with an inherent ability to learn a musical instrument and to succeed at it. With love and support, any child can learn to play piano with simple repetition and rewards.

Talent Education

A student approaches lessons and practice in a way that either fosters its success, or not. There are no shortcuts. You cannot simply compare a student who practices five minutes a day with another who practices an hour a day. The student who practices five minutes a day does not gain ability in the long run; a student who practices an hour a day, in a conscientious way, develops superior skill without fail.

make piano study easy

"People either become experts at doing the right thing, which is seen as a fine talent, or they become experts at doing something that is wrong and unacceptable, which is seen as lack of talent. Depending upon these two things — the amount and quality of the practice — superior ability can be produced in anyone.
" —Suzuki

Learn Music Through Practice

Through listening and repetition, each child learns to speak in his native language. A child learns to speak by listening to many as 70 repetitions of a word, phrase or sentence in a given time period. The child must “repeat, rework and reiterate” to ultimately make that word his own and move on to the next. A child does not likely understand the benefit of this repetition, but in time proudly learns each word.

For more information, learn more about the Suzuki Method in the book, "Nurtured By Love."