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Piano Lessons, Wayland

May 1, 2020
I bring three decades of experience as a teacher, performer and student of classical piano: a college instructor, private school adjunct teacher and private piano instructor.  My process as a piano teacher is to tailor each lesson to meet your distinct goals. For this purpose, I look forward to learning about your musical interests and skills.
Study at your home in Wellesley (02481, 02482, 02483), Newton, Weston (02493), Wayland (01778), or study in my Wayland piano studio (01778) in MA. Other towns include Framingham, Natick, Sudbury, Boston & Waltham.
Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.
Through my own daily practice and continued growth as a musician, I assess each student's learning style and adapt the lesson style through these observations. The Eurythmics method of music study is useful to my teaching, as a student most easily learns much about music through the physical movements of playing piano.
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