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Summer Flex-Time Piano Lessons

ma boston pianoSummer is the optimal time for piano study. School is out and students are more relaxed (no homework!). I’ve set up a system that accommodates all of our vacation schedules. My Summer Flex-Time Piano instruction includes nine (or so) 45-minute classes. Our summer piano schedule is flexible and thus low-stress for us all.

How it Works

Follow the steps below to reserve a place in our summer class schedule!

  1. List your top three days/times as you sign up, along with vacation dates. Classes start in mid-June and end August 31th (excluding the July 4th holiday).
  2. I’ll put together a schedule with enough flexibility for us all.
  3. You will receive an e-mail notification on June 20th with our final schedule.

Reserve a place in our summer class schedule! Check out our detailed piano calendar.

Need Assistance?

Ask me more¬†about the piano lessons for the summer months. I’m glad to advise you about your best options.

Looking Ahead To Fall

For current students, please note that your current timeslot is yours for the Fall. My only caveat is that you commit to it no later than July 1st to help in scheduling new students. For new students, signup for available timeslots as soon as you know, if your preference exists.