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Frequently asked questions

A few of the most common questions about piano study are listed below.  As many have unique reasons to take lessons, the process of musical learning has been linked to qualities that include enhanced personal discipline, focus and spacial thinking.
frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about when to start lessons

Too soon to start?

Any age is a good age to start. Generally a six-year-old student has the language skills and focus to succeed.
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Is it too late?

Of course not. Adults are usually surprised at how quickly they progress in such a short period of time.
Adult Study

Frequently asked questions about how long to practice

How long to practice?

Two, 15-minute practice sessions daily are sufficient for a beginner to see progress.
Practice Tips

How often to practice?

Schedule it into your day. Regular practice makes piano playing fun, but it is less likely to happen on its own.
Piano Practice

Frequently asked  questions about piano location

Home practice location?

Set up a comfortable spot in your home to practice, preferably where the student is not too isolated.
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Need a piano?

Contact me to discuss your piano price range  and space parameters. I can direct you to several resources.
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Music and Your Brain

Adding words to your rhythm challenges can make your practice easy, and more fun! Here are a few examples of words and phrases that you might try.